Restricted Areas - Just Think "Extremely Hazardous"

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Restricted Areas - Just Think "Extremely Hazardous" Empty Restricted Areas - Just Think "Extremely Hazardous"

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Restricted Areas - Just Think "Extremely Hazardous"
Notice Number: NOTC2437
Penetrations of active restricted areas are on the rise - costing the military valuable time and resources when their operations must be suspended for a wayward aircraft. Our national security depends largely on the deterrent effect of our airborne military forces, and to maintain aircraft proficiency the military must continually train in a wide range of military tactics. Locations where military aircraft are practicing maneuvers and tactics are designated on aeronautical charts and general aviation pilots must understand that these maneuvers, for the most part, hamper see and avoid aspects of VFR flight.

It is extremely important that, during preflight planning - even for a local flight, pilots check the latest aeronautical charts and contact Flight Service to familiarize themselves with restricted areas and other special use airspace. Restricted areas denote the existence of unusual, often invisible, hazards to aircraft such as artillery firing, aerial gunnery, or guided missiles. Penetration of restricted areas without authorization from the using or controlling agency may be extremely hazardous to the aircraft and its occupants. It must also be noted that scheduled use does not necessarily reflect real-time utilization of these areas. Operational requirements, weather, aircraft availability, etc., have a dynamic effect on military training activities; therefore, it is incumbent upon the pilot to always keep alert for other traffic. Always follow up you preflight planning with an actual radio call to Flight Service while in flight to verify the status of a restricted area.

Fred Kaiser
FAA Safety Team
863-647-3434 x37

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