January 8th, 2011 - General Meeting Minutes

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January 8th, 2011 - General Meeting Minutes Empty January 8th, 2011 - General Meeting Minutes

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SAAPA General Saturday Meeting
08 January 2011

President: Welcome into 2011. We have some new board members I like to introduce to you. Vice President, Matty O’Toole from Galaxy, Jay Lawrence doing memberships, Denise Socials and Reba with programs. We plan on having some great First Fridays and our Saturday meetings more interesting with both a bit more fun. We have a new member and very good friend Orville Ellis with us today. He is an important part of history of this airport.

Treasurer: $5800.00 current balance. We are sending our invoices for dues this week. We are up to 215 members. The current rent for both Multi use building and clubhouse are paid on a monthly basis.
Secretary: We will be sending the minutes out from the board and Saturday meetings to the website so the members can read what going on. It will go right to the forum so the members if they want to respond on items that have been discuss at our meetings.

Excursions: There is a fly in today at Palatka. There will be food and it starts at 8:30 am to 3pm. We can land on 2 7. The building is right by the fuel pumps. We talked about going up to Savannah to the 8th Air Force Museum as a day trip. We would like some feedback on going there. We had quite a few people raise their hands for a yes they would like to do this. We can plan something in the spring. We can also do a trip down to Tico in Titusville.

Communication/Newsletter: The newsletter is in progress. We have updated the website make it cleaner image. The forum is a great way to communicate with one another.

Socials: We will be having our first Social on February 4. We will be serving Steak dinner with all the trimming. Our guest will be the Heavy Metal Jet Team.

Airport Liaison: We a off the tax rolls. We had new officers for the airport authority. Hangar rents will be going up. The Air show will be in May and we should have a SAAPA tent, maybe to sell water or soda. The nameless park could be a source of revenue selling the name rights. Airport Authority meeting is the 3rd Monday of the month.

Program: We will MIg Pilots, Capt Snodgrass and Eugene from Russia with a face off of talking about their experiences.

Memberships: We will be sending our welcome letter to the new members. The updated list of the members will be on the website.

Members: Elliott Mitnser talked about the idea of a flying club. He passed around a survey to see if it would be a good idea and then he can go forward with it. He wants to head it up. This will make flying more affordable either to lease or utilized other people aircraft. Lloyd Bishop is from Las Vegas just moved here. He owns a Bonanza B-36 turbo charged. He is flying out to Vegas and wanted to know if anyone wanted to ride with him. He also quoted if they run out of money gambling he would still give them a ride home. He would offer them to stay in his home out there. It would be a nice cross country of about 10 hours.

The President introduces Orville Ellis which gave him his first ride 45 years ago. Ellis talked about himself coming from Kentucky. He was 10 years old he got his first ride for $1 in a Waco which his mother paid for. He joined the Navy for 6 years. He went to aircraft mechanic and every trade school they had. He was with the Utility squadron B-26 plane Captain, it was painted yellow. He then went on to Long Beach for 18 months, Guam then to Masters Field in Fla doing Hurricane patrol in a single B24. He talked about his experiences flying in the wall. He bought a C152 without a license and flew it home. He then went on to buy C172 that is the aircraft that Craig got his first ride in. He has some great history at this airport.

The meeting end and the program started with the two Mig pilots.

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