Civil Air Patrol Squadron Meeting

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Civil Air Patrol Squadron Meeting Empty Civil Air Patrol Squadron Meeting

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:41 pm

At Multi-Use Facility Meeting Room

About St. Augustine Composite Squadron SER-FL-173

The St. Augustine Composite Squadron is part of the Civil Air Patrol an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Originally a Senior Unit, in June 2009 the Squadron was transformed into a Composite Unit. The St Augustine Composite Squadron is a volunteer organization comprised of young and senior members ages of 12 and up. The members of the Squadron participate in search and rescue missions in the south Florida region, work with local governments in training and provide support for emergency services during disasters such as hurricanes, and provide support for both drug enforcement agencies and the United States Air Force. The Civil Air Patrol provides training in aerospace education, emergency support, and communications at the squadron level for both Senior Officers and Cadets. Search and Rescue (SAR) and service in the community are the primary goals of the squadron.

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