August 3, 2011 – Board Meeting Minutes

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August 3, 2011 – Board Meeting Minutes Empty August 3, 2011 – Board Meeting Minutes

Post by rockhead on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:18 pm

SAAPA BOARD MEETING – 3 AUGUST 2011[/center][/left]Present: Craig Fordem, Jay Lawrence, Harry Ruhsam, Jack Reilly, Reba Ludlow, Matty O’Toole,

(A quorum was present for voting purposes).

Meeting was called to order at 1730 by Craig Fordem, President.
Items Discussed:
Membership – Jay Lawrence reported 212 paid up members to date. He indicated that 2012 dues could be paid in advance should a member choose to do so. Each new member requires a sponsor.

Treasurer – Currently over $9,000 in bank, after funding three scholarships for the Aerospace
Academy. Burn rate slow, less than $100/month, excluding financing of socials.

Corporate Status – J. Reilly said that the 501C7 status of SAAPA has been revoked by the IRS for failure to file short form taxes for the past three years. It can be reinstated at a cost of $400. Board voted unanimously to do so as soon as possible.

Directors & Officers Liability – J. Reilly obtained application from Herby Wiles Insurance regarding adding this to our policy. Application will be submitted and quotation will be obtained. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

First Friday – Next First Friday 2 September.

Website – Progress is continuing; see Scott Smith Email 3 Aug; significant comments; ” Links to the Jack Williams letter, Earl Douglass article and 2011 newsletter have been added to the home page. Also, added FAA News feed to the "Updates" box below the slideshow on the right-hand side of the home page. They're inserted chronologically with SAAPA List updates and SAAPA Forum updates. The August calendar on the forum will be updated shortly”.
Socials – Denise Snodgrass emailed the following: “Nothing new to report regarding hospitality other than I have spoken w/ the gentleman @ Tico regarding the C-47 for a labor day weekend social & they are working up an expense figure for me. Will hope to have details finalized within a few days so that we can put it out to membership for individual donations (for ride to/from museum) on day of event to cover expense of bringing aircraft to St Augustine. This may end up being a Saturday (day) event rather than evening to simplify logistics of getting aircraft back & forth. Will pass on possible details as they are given to me.” Additional discussion to take place at meeting on 13 August.
From Reba: In telephone discussion with Denise, the above has been postponed due to SAAPA hosting the FSAACA Fly-In Breakfast scheduled on September 10th. More info to follow.

Airport Authority – Harry Ruhsam said that nothing happened in July. Next Meeting August

By-Laws – A motion was made and passed unanimously to proceed with the ByLaws revision, to include, among other changes, the requirement that primary officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), are certificated pilots. J. Reilly will supply working copy of current ByLaws to Board for discussion at September meeting.

Fly-Ins/Outs – FSAACA Fly-In scheduled for 10 September.

Programs –
The August 13th SAAPA meeting speaker will be Melvin Van Gundy, a WWII B-17 pilot and POW.
The September 10th SAAPA meeting will not have a designated speaker, as we will be hosting the FSAACA group.
The October 8th and November 12th SAAPA meeting speakers are not finalized at this time.
Possibilities include; a fabulous presentation by Steve Letro, National Weather Service(not your normal aviation info); Fred from ASA (Aircraft Supplies & Academics) to bring full size (not motion) flight simulator for demonstration; ‘UPSET TRAINING’ program by Craig & Dale; a visit from a Chilean pilot who helped rescue the trapped miners; Individual Helicopter experiences program by Harry and Bill, etc etc.
No speaker in December, due to Holiday party. (?)

New Business:
We need to reserve the multi-purpose building for the SAAPA Christmas Party. Or reserve the Skybus terminal building for the necessary additional space.
Meeting adjourned at 1815.

Reba Ludlow/Jack Reilly (Acting Scribes)


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