Flyouts November 19th

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Flyouts November 19th Empty Flyouts November 19th

Post by Tobe T on Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:56 am

Cedar Knoll (01FL) Fly-in Breakfast This is a N/S grass strip just east of Sanford (SFB)
The food is great & the event is usually well attended so show up early if you want to eat! Watch for RC model planes on final for 36 It's Bill Lowrey's field 407 349 2183

Florida Flying Gators (3FD4) is having their Fall Fly-in over in Casselberry (west of Gainesville) This is primarily an ultralight field but 18/36 is 1950 ft of turf
Food & refreshments & static displays on site 407 834 7740

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